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Techmedigital has been doing the work of one of the most affordable SEO company in India since 9 years. In these 9 years we worked on 1250+ SEO projects and gave clients ranking on the keywords given by them ahead of time. The reason for our success is our experience team who take full care of the satisfaction of our 890+ clients. Our Smart & Hard Work Habit and Friendly Nature make us the No.1 SEO company of India.

                                                    What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a way to bring website to 1st page on search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing). With the help of this, you can build an organic traffic on the website and by converting traffic into leads and leads to sales. Today’s time is digital time and in this digital age if your website starts appearing on the 1st page on Google or any other search engine, then you can large your business sitting at home.

      How Our SEO Service Help you Grow Your Business?

Organic audiences are the most relative audiences for any business our entire focus is to bring more and more client’s business keywords ranking so that people who find service or product can visit client website. The more organic traffic on your website the more leads you get and the more leads the more sales. Some times clients give us keywords and when clients give us the task to find keywords we find high volume keywords for them and target them with on-page optimization. Our 9 year old experience of SEO becoming the Best SEO company in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon in 2019.

                                    Our SEO Services


1. Global & National SEO
2. Ecommerce SEO
3. Local SEO
4. Content Marketing
5. On-Page SEO
6. Off-Page SEO
7. Google Recovery Services
8. Guest Posting
9. Competitor Analysis
10. App SEO
11. Online Reputation Management

All our SEO services are result oriented Step by step all the services are discussed in detail let us start.

2. Ecommerce SEO Service


We are experts in E-commerce so all our clients have almost all keywords in the top position. To promote an E-commerce website a lot of technology has to be done which only the best SEO company can do.

1. Keywords Research

We do keyword research keeping in mind the product we mostly do medium & long tail keywords and visitors search these keywords type more. Searching related keywords is one of the most important tasks in SEO.

2. Optimize Meta Tags and H1’s
Keeping the Google algorithm in mind we target our keywords in Meta tags and h1 tags. Meta tags and H1 tags help a lot in Google ranking and also help in increasing CTR.
3. Technical SEO
This is the most important work in e-commerce SEO we work on all the small and big errors, Mistakes and Google Guidelines point. We fix a lot of things. 
1. Canonical error
2. 301 redirection 
3. URL mapping 
4. Website loading speed making 
5. Mobile friendly
4. On-Page Optimization

This is the 2nd important technique for e-commerce SEO. On Page SEO helps in Google ranking and in knowing the user about your website there are some points in which we have to work.

1. Meta Tag Optimization
2. H1 Tag
3. Content Optimization
4. Internal Linking
5. ALT Tag
6. Sitemap
7. Robots.txt file
8. Broken Link Check

5. Link Building and Content Marketing

These are the 3rd most important technology Without this technology it is almost impossible to bring a website to rankings. These are off-page activities. Our experience teams focus only on high quality link building. We know Google’s current algorithm very well that content is king, content is more important in website ranking. We only link to high quality content from the highly reputed website of the industry.

Our content writers are very much focus only on high quality content. We use a lot of techniques for link building some of which are mentions below.

1. Blog Marketing
2. Article Marketing
3. Broken Link Building
4. Guestographic

3. Local SEO Service


About 44% of search intents are local so local SEO is very important For any business, we use Google local listings for local SEO. Our experience local SEO team keeps all local businesses at the top position so our clients call us the top local SEO company

To create a Google local listing first you have to type in the Google local listing after that you have to enter full business information then after that Google sends a code to your address after that code is entered the local listing starts.

techmedigital local listing seo


To bring your local listing to the top there are some important techniques which are given below.

1. Put full details of the business 
2. Add Local Keywords
3. Add local phone number 
4. Get as many reviews as possible 
5. Put full details description of your business

By doing this you can bring your Google Local Listing to the top.

4. Content Marketing Service


Online marketing is not possible without content marketing in today’s time “content is king”. With the help of content marketing we can create awareness about our business in people and you can engage them. if we are going to launch a new product and service then content marketing helps a lot. After engaged people with content marketing by giving them an call to option they can convert those visits into leads. Content marketing audiences are more focused and interested so content marketing audiences have a much higher conversion rate.

Not only you can get leads by content but you can also create branding of business and product so all small and big brands do content marketing for branding. We have branded all small and big businesses for almost 9 years, only on the basis of content marketing.

Our experience team knows this very well so our content writers create the best content for our clients and take their business to the next level.

On-Page SEO Service


On-Page SEO means optimizing your own website according search engine algorithm. We do lot of things in On-Page SEO but some impotent techniques mentioned below.

1. Meta Tags
2. SEO Friendly URL
3. Canonicalization
4. Robots.txt Creation
5. H1 tag
6. Image optimization
7. Content optimization 
8. Responsive design
9. Internal linking
10. Boost your website speed
11. Sitemap Creation
12. 404 or Other Error
13. Google Analytics & Google Search Console

1. Meta Tags


Meta tags is the most important activity in On-Page SEO. So meta tags not only help in search engine ranking but users also get ideas on which topic these webpages are on. The title tag should be interesting to force the visitor to hit your website. 
Meta tag is divided into 3 parts 
1. Title tag 
2. Description tag 
3. Keyword tag

keyword tag does not play any role in Google ranking then the remaining two title tags and the description tag play much more important role.

The title tag is even more important in this because it is larger in size and clickable. Some important rules are below to make title tags interesting and eligible for Google search. 

Meta tags

Start Title Tag with keyword – By adding the keyword in the title Google gets a clear idea that these pages are about this topic and help in that ranking.

Use Price and offer – think that 5 Google results are coming in front of you a result is coming in which the price, Discount and the offer of the product you want to buy so ofcourse you will click on interesting result. Our experts know the matter very well so the title tag of our SEO projects is good looking.

2. SEO Friendly URL


Complicated URL Create a problem in a ranking so the URL should always be simple. You should always have your keyword in your URL this gives strong signals to Google that these websites are related to this topic.

Ex- 1.

3. Canonicalization

Use canonical tags to avoid website duplication By Example you will understand

You saw a website in 3 ways Human knows that they are the same website but for Google these are three different websites due to which Google will feel that the same content and design are running on all three websites due to which the website duplication Let’s come to the website and the website does not rank. To avoid this a simple code has to be placed in the head part of the website.


Now if you want Google to index the page and give ranking value then you will put the canonical tag in it. In the above example you saw that I added the www domain to the canonical tag now Google only will give ranking only to http://www. domain and not the rest.

4. Robots.txt Creation


In an easy way understand about robot.txt if you want Google or any search engine not to index any of your pages then you can use robot.txt. It can be used in many ways these are important as it is because Google and other search engine web crawlers come to the website they are the first read robot.text file.

5. H1 Tag


You have always used keywords in H1 tag. H1 Tag is the second text after the title tag which helps in understanding which topic these pages are on.

6. Image Optimization


Image optimization helps in Google ranking in this we mostly focus on 2 things.

1. Alt tag – Google’s crawler does not understand the content of images and videos, they can only understand the text content so we use the alt tag in the image so that Google can understand that this image is about this topic alt tag also help in Google image ranking.

2. Light and Clear Image – This is a simple thing but it is very important that using a low size image does not increase the loading time of the website which is also a ranking factor. Low bounce rate helps in Google ranking.

7. Responsive Design


In the last 6 years Google has channeled its ranking from the algorithm in which Google launched the Responsive Design Algorithm, which simply means that your website should be responsive to every device for example if a visitor opens your website on the desktop If you do then your website should be designed in such a way that the visitor does not have any problem on your website. Similarly for mobile and tablet devices whenever a visitor opens your website from any device then the visitor should not have any problem.

There are some techniques to make the website responsive whose link is below.

Our expert designers and developers know this so we create the best responsive website for your clients. We know each and everything in SEO that we have been the top result oriented SEO company of India since last 5 years. 

8. Internal Linking


Internal linking helps in website navigation. Internal linking helps visitors and Google’s crawlers to navigate from one page to another page so that Google’s crawlers can crawl from one page to another page so that the caching speed of the website is greatly improved In the same way if a user continues to find our service and products on our website.

9. Boost Your Website Speed


Website speed plays more important role in search engine rankings because Google is well aware that in today’s time no person has more pesions so if our website is open late for a few seconds then the visitor Leaves that website and goes to the next website which increases the bounce rate of that website so that Google gets a strong message may be Users not stisfiad after visiting this website Visitors are going to go back quickly from this website. Similarly if the loading speed of a website is very fast then the user will reach the website fast and will get the information fast then the bounce rate of such website will be much lower than that which Google gives the message that this website visitors are happy then Google will rank such website up and the slow website will be ranked down.

10. Sitemap Creation


More we use two types of sitemap sitemap.xml and sitemap.html both are used separately see the benefits of both.

sitemap.xml – This is only for Google crawler it contains all the pages of our website. Google’s crawlers visit sitemap.xml at many time for new pages you should add all pages to sitemap.xml so that they can crawl and index the pages.

sitemap.html – This is for visitors only. It also contains the pages of our website which are designed in such a way that if the visitor is funding a page that he or she may not get from visiting the website. Visitors can find that page by going to sitemap.html. You think that there are so many pages on a website like Amazon, in which it will not be so easy to find one page but with the help of sitemap.html we can find any page.

11. 404 Error


When any of your pages get delete from your website they show 404 errors. If there is a page that you do not have any need then it shows 404 error then there is no problem but there is service or product page that you are promoting then recover such pages. You can also do 301 redirections. A 404 error on useless pages does not affect the ranking if those pages are not linked among themselves.

12. Google Analytics & Search Console


They use both to conduct traffic analysis on the website and to check the error of the website. With the help of Google Analytics, you can track the visitors visiting the website you can also check the Visitor’s device from which device the visitor has opened our website. On the other hand we use google search console to check the website errors. We are top SEO service provider in Delhi NCR that’s why our clients trust us so much.

Off-Page SEO Service



  1. Blog Posting
  2. Article Posting
  3. Guest Posting
  4. Broken Link Building
  5. Guestographic
  6. Q & A
  7. Forum Posting
  8. Social Sharing
  9. Video Marketing

If you don’t see any results in 30 Days, you will get a full refund. ​

Global & National SEO 

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Ecommerce SEO 

Techmedigital is one of the few SEO companies that has in-depth expertise in SEO for eCommerce Website. 


Local SEO

You could be the biggest shop on Main Street, but if you don’t show up in local searches, you’re missing out on a significant amount of clientele and sales.

Content Marketing

Consider the impact of a billion users on one platform. One website where people gather, speak, interact, share and connect with each other.


Off-Page SEO

Techmedigital is a leading link building company India. With over Nine years of experience in link building services, we have helped several

On-Page SEO

Techmedigital is a best On-Page Optimization company in India. We got number of succeed with our on-page formulas.  

Google Recovery Services

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Guest Posting

As an SEO firm with decades of collective experience, we at Techmedigital understand one thing very well – the importance of trust and reputation.

Competitor Analysis

Nozak Consulting White Label SEO helps your clients see exactly where they stand within their industry’s SERPs compared to their closest competitors. 


The app market competition is increasing every. Techmedigital, we hold you to get that added edge over your competitors simply by providing cost-effective Mobile Apps SEO Services.


Online Reputation Management

Either it is a person or a business, reputation is everything as plays an imperative role in the growth of an individual or an organization.

Keyword Research + Competitor Analysis + Get 1st Page Ranking

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Once the website content is being optimized and the quality rankings have been achieved. We not only just concentrate on getting traffic but to also convert the quality traffic into leads and increase the sales. We ensure that the traffic that has come on your page is sustainable and has got relevant leads for your business to boost your sale.

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Real time Tracking of your Progress

Data is our key strength and we plan all digital marketing strategies with logic and data as the base. We create daily and monthly reports of SEO traffic, keeping in mind all important metrics that affect a website ranking. We consistently track SEO trends, collect data and use advanced tools to keep your website updated as per the latest algorithms.

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Corporate and Enterprise SEO Services

As a Digital Marketing Agency “Techmedigital” has assisted the large number of corporate and Enterprise SEO Services in Delhi NCR to build-up effective digital marketing strategies. We completely develop a comprehensive SEO strategy from scratch for your corporate brand. Doesn’t matter whether you are a B2C – multinational e-commerce business company with thousands of products or a B2B – corporate service provider, we can efficiently enhance your corporate website.

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